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Momentum (and yet another update)

So much about my hobbies for me seems to be based on momentum. I get going on something and I'm really into it and then something happens to break the momentum - holidays, work, even a new interest. And then I end up putting away my stuff, and once that happens it's months before I get anything out again. It's why my playing, painting, and this blog seem to come in spurts.

I just went through my blog history and deleted a bunch of posts with broken images or which were pointless with the passage of time (meaning I did not discuss much of substance or lasting interest). Many of the things I updated seemed to be my occasional (or as I discovered, more than occasional) update posts. Feeling the urge, I'm now composing this new update post which I will likely delete a few years from now, digital life cycle being what it is.


Since my last string of updating lost of things happened. I drifted away from my miniature gaming and ended up playing more RPGs. I…

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